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Free Will - Fate & Destiny


Healing Practices

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Forces of Nature

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The Universe & Beyond

Religion, Atheism, and Agnosticism

The Material and Ethereal Living

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Please go to our "Contact" page and submit a fully developed draft of your proposed blog post as an attachment. You can submit images and videos along with your text. Be sure to include your bio, and you may also attach your portfolio. We prefer articles amounting to 800 to 1,500 in word count. You can submit a link with your guest post. We may or may not edit your article. Even if we were to edit your submission, we will take care to not adversely affect the subject matter of your post, and particularly the essence of your discussion and your point of view, in any material way. Upon review of your draft, we will email you our edit for permission to publish, and once we hear back from you and you approve any edit, your article will be publish on our website at which time you will receive a link from us to your published post. Your publication will then be sent to over a dozen of our Writer's Post Blog Network Extensions around the internet, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and others.

In the Final Analysis

Posted on April 6, 2017 at 8:30 PM Comments comments ()

"In the Final Analysis"

Sister Theresa of Culcutta


People can be unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered;

Forgive them anyway.

Some people make it impossible for anyone to love them or to care about them;

Love them and care about them anyway.


If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies;

Succeed anyway.

If you are pursuing a dream, people might trample upon you and squash that which you have already accomplished;

Pursue your dream anyway.

If you are honest and sincere, people may cheat you and seek advantage over you;

Be honest anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives and even treat you as if you were an idiot;

Be kind anyway.

The good you do today is very likely to be forgotten by people tomorrow;

Do good things anyway.

Because, in the final analysis, it is all between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway.

Sister Theresa of Culcutta

The Mechanics of Life: Introduction

Posted on April 6, 2017 at 5:15 PM Comments comments ()

  Mechanics of Life 101: Exploring Meta Knowledge

Within The Art - The Science and The Serious Business of Living

Our goal is to use this blog to set basic principles, which you can apply  to arrive to ultimate solutions in your Personal life, your business, and your family life, and to allow you to achieve Wellness and Harmony all around you. Like learning how to ride a bike, once you learn and understand these truths they become your guide in your journey through life. They are reliable, and they will become integrated within your higher consciousness, where you can tap into them at will, particularly when you need them the most. Like a good friend, these essential truths will remain with you, an they will never let you down.

Over time, the laws of living and the mechanics of life you learn here will turn living into an art at your finfer tips. You will find yourself gradually capable of making science, mysticism, and natural laws work for you, your employees, your family and friends, your clients, and your business. The canvas of your life is always right in front of you. All you need is to learn how to be able to see your available tools using your mind eyes, and to know how to access them and use them effectively to your benefits, never forgetting the needs of others or the Greater Good. 

Life is truly no mystery at all. However, Just like any machinery, it is made of various parts, which we call here "mechanics." As life is infinite, but perfect, those parts - the mechanics - work together and apart to produce coordinated effects and results. For example, all of the parts of an automobile are independent from each other. That explains why a mechanic can change one single part, and even a very small and seemingly insignificant part, and yet can get the car working. At the same time, each part works with one another, and as a matter of phisics and engeneering, all of the parts in the vehicle work together to make the car function properly, in the overall operation of the unite. Life is certainly infinitesimally grandeur than an automobile. But just multiply the parts of  a car as many times (if the infinitesimal can be represented in mathematical equation) to understand that the mechanics are there in life, as well. And that the only difference is the infinite complexity of the universe, as each of us represents a small universe in the complex scheme of the larger and infinite universe.

The good news is that as human beings, the key to discovering the mechanics of life and crank up the engine to drive it directly to our desired destination, is in our hands, but it is also proportional to our desire or readiness to change course. Once we find that key, the only thing left is to turn in, and in the process begin to not only lean to differentiate between the forest and the trees, but more importantly that is the point at which we can start to develop a full understanding of the role and purpose of the trees, big and small and of all spices, that vegetate and line up the forest.

The fact that you have decided to explore this body of knowledge, today, is a sign that you are ready to find out how you can apply the various properties of life to began to create your own 'REALITIES." Once you have crossed that path, you will find yourself seated in the driver's seat. White there, slowly but surely, you will begin to claim pieces of this treasure, which you can sooner or late begin to plant in the form of meaning- of-life seeds into your children and loved ones. This will most certainly be followed by an ability to help those you care about in ways you were not previvously equipped to do. Perhaps, the greatest reward of all, you will begin to view challenges ["problems"] for what they really are: obstacles in search of barrier busters, an elite club, in which you will may soon belong.

We are psychic beings. Pharmaceuticals and psychotherapy (note the prefix " psyche") can at best soothe, at worst mask, those human emotions that negatively affect all aspects of our lives and tie us up in knots. Sometimes, those well-known and widely recognized and commonly practice methods of healing and medical approaches cann even exhacerbate deep-seated turmoils within our "essential being." The site of most of human distress is not the brain at all, and neither psychiatry nor psychotherapy can access the higher level of the psyche, which is our essential self. In reality, the branch of science that deals with the brain is neuto-science.  Psychiatry only attempts to explore the abonormal or damages in the brain for physical deffects or diseases. However, as is clear, most traumatic events are internal in nature, and derive from within the self, outside the level of consciousness. The brain is involved with consciousness and even serves as a conduit to the subonscious. Yet, the psyche is the highest level of the being, which places it at multiple levels above any manifest or tangible levels of consciousness within the cerebral sphere. Some have referred to the psyche as "spirit" or "soul." But both the spirit and the soul having the same meaning, and often used interchangeably, represent an essential part of our being with the implication, however, that they are not all encompassing of the essential self. According to, "Psyche comes from the Greek psykhe, meaning the soul, mind, spirit..." As for the mind, it is simply the totality of the functionality of the brain, and therefore does not meet the definition of the psyche or the essential and whole being, as all things physical are limited in nature. Having to draw its functions from the brain, this renders the mind also limited, although lesser so than the brain itself. All of this expliains the rudimentary evolution resulting in an absence of progress in the fields of psychiatry and psyhotherapy, although both disciplines continue to serve their respective purposes within the confine of "mental health" care.

The ultimate solution is for each of us to make the determination to knowingly, and with intent, purpose, and forethought, to find out how to climb to our higher level of counsciousness, whereby all answers lie between the portals of our essential being and the infinite universe. This is a decision only each of us singularly will be able to make. You may arrive at this decision consciously, or circumstances may drive you to it. Either way, if you are reading this post, it would be safe to say that some of the small macheneries of life that we discussed in the previous pragraphs above, brought you here. Therefore, there lies a minimal level of risk to prognosticate that you have reached one of those junctions in life where each of us is forced to choose between continuing on straigth ahead, turning around, or taking either a right or a left turn. But not all turns are created equal. Some are sharp and others are slight. Since you are here, there is a high probability that you will be able to make a consciously competent decision.

Check back often, and remember to send us your questions or concerns, by using our "Dear Marie" Portal. In the meantime, always keep in mind that:


Google Hangout: Celebrate Our Grand Opening

Posted on February 14, 2017 at 10:30 PM Comments comments ()


Date: Saturday April 15, 2017

Time: 2:00 - 7:00 PM (EST)

We are excited to invite you to this Google Hangout to celebrate the Grand Opening of our website: Please familiarize yourself with our mission and services prior to the event date. This will be a rare opportunity for you to get your life and living questions answered and explore the power of you.


As a special incentive for your attendance, we will dedicate a full hour of this event to answering your common tax filing questions (Filing Deadline for the 2016 Filing Year is Tuesday April 18, 2017). During this session, we will also offer strategies on how to deal with the IRS if you're facing filing troubles .


All are encouraged to sign in to participate. Parents, new grads, freelancers, contractors, and the self-employed, should not miss this hangout.


Register for this event by emailing us at:

[email protected] or

[email protected]


Please include the following in your email:

- Your Name

- Your City and State

- RSVP: April 12, 2017 - Life and Self-Mastery Google Hangout


Things to Remember

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Rob not the poor, because he is poor, not the oppressed, or the afflicted in the gate; for the Lord will plead their cause and spoil the soul of those who seek to spoil them:

Proverb 22-23

Now Remember


Words of Wisdom


The Transcendence of Prayer/ Meditation


The Power of Love


The Corruption of Power


The Practice of Humility


The Success of Perseverance


The Spirituality of Faith


The Role of Trust


The Toxicity of Fear


The Design of Adversity


The Strength of Courage


The Courage of Conviction


The Pleasure of Work


The Necessity of Economy


The Value of Character


The Worth of Knowledge


The Purpose of Learning


The Influence of Example


The Virtue of Patience


The Merit of Kindness


The Art of Giving


The Wealth of Generosity


The Depth of Compassion


The Importance of Honesty


The Relativity of Perception


The Certainty of Truth


The Obligation of Duty


The Potential of Talent


The Gift of Forgiveness


The Passage of Time


The Infinity of Life


The Presence of God



Suggest more Words Wisdom you would want added to this list