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New Book: "Diagnosis" Good Doctors - Bad Doctors & How Hospitas Can Kill You. Find out How to Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones

$14.58 $28.99

Today, doctors and hospitals retain all of the rights and put all of the reponsibilities on patients. This book will contain first-person accounts of the ways in which a bad doctor can cause your premature demise, as well as how hospitals can literally kill you. Learn what you can do if you become injured due medical errors or negligence. Find out how to avoid being one of the casualties among the nearly 400,000 hospital-caused deaths, in addition to hundred of thousands of injuries to patients. Know how to advocate and care for your family members without the resulting stress and anxiety and how to take care of yourself. Develop greater health literacy and healthier living by understanding your body, diseases, “mental illness,” and the process of dying.

An entire chapter of this book is devoted to the recent mental health hysteria and psychiatry as a maligned influence on American society, and what we really need:

Practicing Psychiatry While Nuts and the Anatomy of “Mental Illness”

In this chapter, we recount real-life examples of some of the most complicated manifestations of presumed mental illness in people from all walks of life. We develop and expand on the broad themes from this article to provide the reader with in-depth descriptions of the critical issues at stake. The reader will find up-to-date data and computation, along with a thorough analysis that exposes the sinister nature of today’s psychiatry, and how we fell into this current disease-mongering culture. Parents will find learning-teaching tips and tricks to help solve most of the learning defficiencies that psychiatry has gobbled and to finally learn how they can competently participate in advancing their children’s education and learning. This will include tips on how to effectively implement and administer a result-oriented discipline and reward system within their family unit. Caretakers, caregivers, and good faith practitioners will find alternatives to the current antiquated and stale horrible we call psychiatry. And we are not talking about alternative medicine or natural healing.

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